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Meet The Team 

About Me.

I'm Frankie, Badass Doula & advocate for mental health and neuro-divergency.

I'm a wife, a mother and auntie as well as a foster carer.  I'm a certified mental health and wellbeing practioner, Post- natal doula and currently studying to become a birthing doula. 

I absolutely love my role, supporting families welcome their little ones, settling into life in their new roles and supporting those struggling with mental health issues that can follow after having a baby!

I gave birth to my son in 2020, during lockdown. I quickly spiralled into depression and fought postpartum psychosis. Since my recovery I've been really passionate in supporting families to have the best start possible. 

At the Hub we offer free signposting, helping you find the mental health services you may need, as well as offering peer support. 

We offer our Doula services, making sure you, your family and little one are fully supported. 

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